Members Only

Noahs is a members only centre for children up to 12 years old. The parent/guardian must complete a registration form on first entry and will be allocated a membership card.


Session Length

The session length is two hours in duration, please order food if eating within the centre to keep within your two hour session time.



Children must be accompanied by an adult for entry to the centre. Children must be supervised by their parent/guardian whilst in the centre.


Socks on the Frame

Socks must be worn at all times for hygiene purposes. We reserve the right to restrict entry if socks are not worn. Socks are available to purchase at reception for £1.


Dressed to play

We advise long sleeves and long trousers to play on the structure. No shoes allowed at anytime on the frame.


Adults on the frame

Adults are only permitted on the frame for the purpose of assisting, attending to or retrieving children. At Noah's the safety of the children using the structure is our priority and we cannot achieve this if adults are using the structure. Why not book out the centre in the evening for the adults!



Accidents do happen. Please inform us, no matter how minor, if your child has an accident-we have trained first aiders on duty at all times and we are also required to keep a record of accidents which occur on our premises.



We have a tasty affordable food prepared ifresh in our kitchen daily by our resident Chef Paul. Accordingly we advise that no food is permitted to be brought onto the premises and consumed. Should your child have specific needs speak to a member of staff and why not ask our Chef to prepare something.



Give us a call: 01738 445568

We are open 7 days a week

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